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Welcome and thank you for inquiring about our office! Whether you are a potential first time patient or a regular consumer of physical therapy services, we believe that your experience with us will lead you to better health and wellness. Restoring function, promoting healing, and ensuring your road to healthful living is our specialty. Our approach to healing involves building trusting relationships and cultivating friendships that go beyond just treating your injury. It's about empowerment. It means giving you the solution to minimize your injuries and to maximize your potential to heal. It means being available to answer your questions at any time, to erase any doubts, and to rebuild confidence.

As your physical therapist, we are committed to providing you the accountability, the one-on-one attention, and the care that you deserve. Your health is our concern and we embrace the opportunity to provide you with the best physical therapy service that will keep you on the road of active living.

We look forward to working with you soon!


"I was totally impressed with Advance Physical Therapy.  Their professionalism and thoroughness made me feel very comfortable.  They  explained everything, calmed my apprehension, accurately identified the source of my problem and provided effective treatments to cure my chronic neck pain. Their attention to detail and knowledge about injury, healing and preventive medicine is cutting edge."



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